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I have a couple of clients that used the services of Ohana Property Management Company to deal with a rental property that has multiple owners. Carrie Hamilton was very helpful in dealing with all of the issues that came up, including the difficulties associated with evicting the tenant and keeping peace between the multiple owners. My clients and I were very happy with the level of service, expertise, and experience that Carrie Hamilton portrayed in our situation. I would recommend Ohana Property Management to anyone!
Marlene Sanborn, Esq., Sanborn Law

Frequently Asked Questions

The key reasons why many people enlist in the help of a professional are:

  • We handle maintenance and emergency repairs, allowing you to sleep peacefully at night.
  • We enforce collection of rent and serve proper notices upon failure to pay.
  • We understand, comply and apply all of the correct federal, state and local laws, keeping you
    and your investment safe.
  • We have experience in the local market and advertising resources allowing us to effectively
    market your vacant home and attract well-qualified renters.
Of course! We will provide you with a monthly statement detailing rent and other income, as well as maintenance and repairs.
Owners will receive a deposit around the 10th of every month, followed by a monthly statement and reports by the 20th.
No, of course not! Ohana will work with you and let you be as involved or uninvolved as you would like to be in the management of your property.
No! Management fees are only earned when rent is collected. We will cover all of the advertising, marketing and tenant screening fees associated with finding a a tenant for your property.
Yes, as long as they meet our criteria and carry the necessary insurance and licenses. Please note we must issue a 1099 for vendor repairs.
We use our network of real estate agents, word of mouth and many different web listings to find your property a tenant.
We conduct a comparative market survey to determine what similar properties in that area are receiving in rent.
Rent is due on the 1st of the month and payable by the 3rd. If the resident has not paid by the 4th, we will initiate the eviction process.
No, you maintain your own insurance coverage. We can recommend insurance companies if needed.
I have been managing my mother’s rental home for several years. After the last tenant moved out, I decided that I just didn’t want to go through the arduous tasks of advertising and interviewing potential tenants. I was looking for a dependable, small, local firm that would handle the daily management of my mother’s rental. A friend referred me to Ohana Property Management. Carrie is professional, efficient, knowledgeable and very thorough.

The day I called Carrie, she setup an appointment for that week. We met at my mother’s rental, did a walkthrough, discussed my expectations and desires. As well, Carrie informed me of various California legal requirements, made suggestions on needed repairs, and recommended alternatives for structuring the rent.

Carrie found a wonderful tenant for me in a very reasonable amount of time. While we have not had any major issues (knock on wood), Carrie has been very timely and responsive to both the tenant and me on various items. On a monthly basis, I receive a monthly accounting of the rental income and respective expenses.

I’m very pleased with Carrie’s services, and would strongly recommend her company. Transferring the responsibility to a property management firm has provided me much relief – this is money well spent.

Thank you, Carrie!

Joan Drayton
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